Charitable Foundation

 "Give a Mom a job,
she'll feed her children....
Give a Mom hope,
she'll feed their dreams."

Our Mission

Our mission is to present Single Moms with opportunities to maximize success and reduce the stress of raising a family alone.  We aim to provide the financial, educational and emotional support which will propel Single Moms and their children into better, brighter futures.  It is our earnest intention to not only champion the cause of Single Mom families, but to open a world of promise to women and children who have buried hopes and dreams in sacrifice of merely surviving.

Our Vision

In the world of sports, there is a term known as the “sweet spot.”  You’re probably wondering why a website specifically created for Single Moms would even dare to bring up the world of sports, but I promise there’s a method to the madness!  You see, certain pieces of sports equipment are designed with an area which guarantees successful results – if, when ball meets…let’s say a bat, it meets within that specific area.  In other words, if you hit the ball anywhere else on the bat, you’re going to have to settle for less than the best results.  If you hit the ball in the sweet spot, however, you will not only play baseball well but you will actually begin to enjoy it!

This concept has also been applied to the way we live our lives.  It’s been suggested that if we were to live our lives within the sweet spot – the zone specifically designed for us to be successful and satisfied within - we would not only be great at what we do, but we would find joy in doing it.  So it is with great expectations that I introduce the Single Mom Enterprises Charitable Foundation: the foundation created specifically with you in mind - designed not only to make success a possibility, but intended to bring possibility alive with hope again!

Whether you need a new job, a better job or desire to venture out into entrepreneurship, this is the place for you!  If you need resources, support or education to reach your goals, we’ll provide or direct you to that as well.  Single Mom Enterprises Charitable Foundation is devoted to providing the tools you’ll need for success, and to teaching you how to use them to yield the best results.

Our vision is that you live in your "Sweet Spot"

© Single Mom Enterprises Charitable Foundation

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